Josep Sarrate Ramos

 Associate Professor

 Laboratori de Càlcul Numèric 

  E-mail:  jose.sarrate @
  Phone:  +34 93 401 6911

  Address:  Laboratori de Càlcul Numèric
C2 building, room 209b
                   Campus Nord UPC
                   Jordi Girona, 1
                   E-08034 Barcelona, Spain



B.Sc.  in Physics (Licenciado en Física), Universitat de Barcelona (1985)
M.Sc. in Physics (Licenciado con grado), Universitat de Barcelona (1988)
Ph.D. in Sciences (Doctor en Ciencias), Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (1996)


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 Research interests

 Mesh generation

High-order mesh generation

High-order mesh for a Falcon aircraft High-order mesh for a Falcon aircraft
Curved high-order mesh for a falcon airtcraft











Quadrilateral and hexahedral mesh generation

Multisweeping mesh for a gear Submapping mesh for a gear Receding front mesh for a capsule
Multisweeping hex-meshing Submapping hex-meshing

Unstructured hex-meshing












Mesh quality improvement

Tangled mesh Untangled mesh











Computational methods in applied sciences and engineering

Subsea noise propagation

Sound Pressure Level Field (SPL)generated by two noise sources located on the sea surface (80m x 80m x 20m)

















Fluid-structure interaction

Stationary streamlines Pressure field








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