ESAFORM2018: Learning from others

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Last 23rd to 25th of April, the International ESAFORM Conference on Material Forming – ESAFORM 2018 took place in Palermo (Italy). The main goal of this event is to spread the research results done during the current year in the field of Material Forming. This is a meeting point between Industry and Academia where each member can exchange ideas and learn from others experiences.

Figure 1. AdMoRe ESR during ESAFORM2018 (Rubén Ibañez (left) and Ramiro Mena (right))

Two AdMoRe Early Stage Researchers (ESR) have attended this event (Rubén and Ramiro). As an ESR, a conference is a good opportunity to present your work and receive some feedback from the research community. Additionally, it is possible to take some distance and perspective from your current work. This is done by attending different presentations that initially could be not related with your research topic, but if some lateral thinking is applied, it is able to find some parallelism or key ideas that could be translated to your project. For example, in the presentation given by Dr. Pedro José Arrazola from Mondragon University (Spain), robotics arms are tested in order to find new machining strategies for manufacturing aero-generators housings. Maybe a similar approach could be used to tackle de problem of distortion caused by residuals stresses.

In addition, among the plenary speakers, Prof. Elisabeth Massoni from CEMEF-MINES ParisTech (France) gave an interesting overview of the latest advances in numerical process simulation. Examples applied to friction welding, additive manufacturing and heat treatment were presented and show the challenge that industry and academia are facing in a collaborative way. In her personal vision, she encourages researchers in the material forming field to use an interdisciplinary approach by taking into account results from another domain, such as a chemical, physical or mathematical field.

In definitive, researching is a collaborative work and learning from others is part of the adventure.