In order to solve the problems discussed in IP1 to IP3 in a daily industrial production environment, the scientific and technical development must be incorporated in commercial codes.

This in itself is another challenge where compromise is sometimes necessary between development costs, performance (which includes among other things user-friendliness) and efficiency.

Incorporating cutting-edge methods can only be done if their robustness is without discussion and their gain outperforms the implementation and training costs. This is critical for Validation and Verification tools quantifying uncertainty and even more crucial for Reduced Order Models because the main drawback concerning their use in industrial applications is their intrusive character in the core of the commercial code.


ESR research project #3
PhD candidate: Simona Vermiglio
Recruitment institution: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Spain)


ESR research project #4
PhD candidate: Rubén Ibáñez
Recruitment institution: École Centrale de Nantes (France)


ESR research project #8
PhD candidate: Giacomo Quaranta
Recruitment institution: ESI (France)