HEALQ.pngWe develop numerical tools for inferring the forces that drive morphogenesis. By combining direct and inverse analysis we simulate embryo development of epithelia and tissues. We solve these problems resorting to in-house codes that are based on either continuum and hybrid vertex/cell-centred approaches. We are currently testing regulatory process of cell contractility, cell reorganisation and cytoskeletal remodelling, and enhancing inter- and intra-cellular rheology with specific laws of active matter that mimic measured viscoelastic response. We have applied the methods to Drosophila invagination, central neural system condensation, collective cell migration and wound healing process. On a lower scale we also simulate stress relaxation and fluidisation of monolayers.

Research topics

-Wound healing: hybrid algorithm for vertex and bulk rheology of monolayers (in collaboartion with Yanlan Mao and Filippos Ioannou, University College London).
Wound2D Wound3Dt
-Inverse analysis. Force inference from measured displacement in embryogenesis: Drosophila fly invagination (in collaboration with Vito Conte at TU/e, The Netherlands).
-Embryogenesis of Central Nervous System (CNS). Finite Element viscoelastic mechanical analysis of CNS during condensation in Drosophila fly embryo (in collaboration with Enrique-Martin Blanco, IBMB-CSIC, and Tim Saunders’ Lab, NUS).

-Cell and tissue oscillations. Analysis of stability and oscillatory behaviour based on delayed rest-length changes.

Selected Publications

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Hybrid cell-centred/vertex model for multicellular systems
Payman Mosaffa
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
15 November 2017