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Francesc Xavier Magrans studied physics at the Universitat de Barcelona (1970). Afterwards he joined the I+D SEAT department  where he lead the acoustics and optical researches. Afterwards he started an entrepreneurial period and founded the companies Noisetec (1981) and Ingeniería para el Control del Ruido (ICR, 1995). ICR is a company that develops new predictive and experimental methods in acoustics. They are applied to different fields such as automotive, railway, building or wind turbine industries. He is Ph.D. student at LaCàN since 2014.

The thesis deals with the Advanced Transmission Path Analysis (ATPA) applied to vibroacoustics. Three main contributions are presented on that field.  First, it is proved that the solution of any linear mechanical system can be expressed as a linear combination of signal transmission paths. Second, a method to automatically define subsystems based on ATPA is developed. Third,  ATPA is applied to analyse a cuboid-shaped box. The predictions of a numerical model are compared with experimental measures on the box. The assumptions of the ATPA method are verified and the post-processing and experimental procedures improved. Finally, a solution of the dynamical response of elastically coupled mechanical systems based on the modal expansion of part is presented.