Jose Munoz
We are interested in developing mathematical and computational methods for answering biological problems. The development of models for continua and particle-based methods have allowed us understanding tissue and cell rheology, intercalation, remodelling, and oscillatory responses.

Our research focuses on numerical solution of mechanical problems, with emphasis on inverse analysis, delay differential equations and material stability, in the context of finite element and vertex discretisations.

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-Associate Professor
-j.munoz at upc dot edu
-Tel: +34 93 413 72 53, +34 93 401 16 26
ResearcherID/Publons: B-2475-2009
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Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Dept. Mathematics.
School of Engineering Barcelona East (EEBE) Office A9.40 Barcelona, E-08019 Spain

PhD Students

Ahmad Kamal Khan
Ahmad Kamal Khan (ahmad.kamal.khan @
PhD: Universitat Politècnica (Barcelona, Spain).

Ashutosh Bijalwan
Ashutosh Bijalwan (abijalwan @
PhD: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain)
Adria Villacrosa
Adrià Villacrosa (a.villacrosa.ribas @
PhD: Technische Universieit Einhoven (TU/e, Netherlands)) – Universitat Politècnica (Barcelona, Spain). Co-supervised with Vito Conte (IBEC, TU/e)

Shafaq Zahra
Shafaq Zahra (shafaq.zahra @
PhD: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain).


Master students/internships

Andy Kneefel (from Eindhoven University of Technology, TU/e)

Main Research topics

  • Optimal locomotion of organisms – soft robotics:
Compression Stretching Compression
Stretching Compression
Stretching test (see movie) Compression test (see movie)
  • Wound healing: hybrid algorithm for vertex and bulk rheology of monolayers (in collaboration with Yanlan Mao, University College London).
Wound2D Wound3Dt
  • Inverse analysis. Force inference from measured displacement in embryogenesis: Drosophila fly invagination (in collaboration with Vito Conte at TU/e, The Netherlands).
    • Embryogenesis of Central Nervous System (CNS). Finite Element viscoelastic mechanical analysis of CNS during condensation in Drosophila fly embryo (in collaboration with Enrique Martin-Blanco, IBMB-CSIC, and Tim Saunders’ Lab, NUS).
    CNS CNS_gif
    • Cell and tissue oscillations. Analysis of stability and oscillatory behaviour based on delayed rest-length changes.
    Stability Oscillations
    Non-linear oscillations (see movie)

    Research Program at LaCaN

    Cell and tissue mechanics in embryogenesis



    Ester Comellas (UPC)
    Yanlan Mao (UCL, UK)
    Vito Conte (TU/e, The Netherlands)
    Guillaume Charras (UCL, UK)
    Enrique Martín-Blanco (IBMB-CSIC, Spain)
    Tim Saunders (Warwick, UK)
    Sandra Shefelbine (Northeastern University, USA)

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    Ministerio de cienci e Innovacion Agencia Estatal de Investigacion Severo Ochoa Programme