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With a background in non-linear dynamics and contact mechanics, I currently develop computational models for cell and tissue mechanical analysis. I am interested in wound healing, tissue morphogenesis and general problems in the mechanics of embryo development.

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j.munoz at upc dot edu

Tel: +34 93 413 72 53, +34 93 401 16 26

ResearcherID: B-2475-2009


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UPC Dept. Mathematics

School of Engineering Barcelona East (EEBE) Office A9.40 Barcelona, E-08030 Spain

  • [30] J.J. Muñoz, M. Dingle, M. Wenzel. "Mechanical oscillations in biological tissues as a result of delayed rest-length changes". Accepted. Physical Review E

  • [29] J.J. Muñoz, D. Amat, V. Conte. "Computation of forces from deformed visco-elastic biological tissues". Int. J. Num. Meth. Biomed. Engin.. 34(3):1-24, e2928, 2018.
  • DOI:
  • [27] R. Sunyer, V. Conte, J. Escribano, A. Elosegui-Artola, A. Labernadie, L. Valon, D. Navajas, J.M.García-Aznar, J. J. Muñoz, P. Roca-Cusachs and X. Trepat. "Collective cell durotaxis emerges from long-range intercellular force transmission". Science. 353(6304): 1157 - 1161, 2016.

  • [26] N. Asadipour, X. Trepat and J.J. Muñoz. "Porous-based rheological model for tissue fluidisation". ... of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids. 96:,535-549, 2016.

  • [25] JJ Muñoz. "Non-regularised Inverse Finite Element Analysis for 3D Traction Force Microscopy". . Preprint

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2004: PhD at Imperial College London, Dept. Aeronautics.

1997: Degree and Master at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Mechanical Eng.) and École Centrale Paris (Civil Eng.)

Research interests
Vertex and finite element methods in mechanobiology, non-linear dynamics, inverse analysis and force inference methods, cell and tissue oscillatory behaviour.
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Teaching: Numerical Methods, Computational Mechanics, Differential Equations.