Morphable structures from unicellular organisms with active, shape-shifting envelopes: Variations on a theme by Gauss

Author (s): Cicconofri, G., Arroyo, M., Noselli, G., DeSimone, A.
Journal: International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics

Volume: 118
Date: 2019

We discuss some recent results on biological and bio-inspired morphing, and use them to identify promising research directions for the future. In particular, we consider issues related to morphing at microscopic scales inspired by unicellular organisms. We focus on broad conceptual principles and, in particular, on morphing approaches based on the use of Gauss’ theorema egregium (Gaussian morphing). We highlight some connections with biological cell envelopes containing filaments and motors, and discuss ideas for the implementation of Gaussian morphing in surfaces actuated by active shearing or stretching.