Specific open positions

Since these positions depend on the availability of open calls for grants, we recommend contacting us well in advance of the ideal date you would like to start working with us. Please send your application.

There may be other positions avalaible, which are are usually related to competitive grants that can be solicited at different times during the academic year.

The group on “Mechanics of soft and living interfaces” (https://www.lacan.upc.edu/mechanics-of-soft-and-living-interfaces/) lead by Marino Arroyo (https://www.lacan.upc.edu/arroyo/) is looking for a highly motivated and creative postdoctoral researcher to study the mechanical organization of epithelial cells and tissues, and how this understanding can lead to a precise control of tissue structure, mechanical properties, and dynamics. The ultimate goal is to predict the behaviour of living matter, manipulate it, and use it to build new bio-inspired technologies. You will develop theories and computations to understand cell and tissue mechanobiology at different scales, ranging from the molecular constituents of mechanically relevant cellular structures to the collective behaviour of epithelial monolayers. The specific focus of research can be adjusted depending on your previous experience and interests. This research is supported by a grant from the European Research Council.

You will work in a highly collaborative and interdisciplinary environment, in very close collaboration with experimental colleagues at IBEC in Barcelona and elsewhere. You will have access to state-of-the-art computing facilities, a generous travel allowance, and will be given the freedom to develop your own ideas and collaborate within the group and with other groups.

Towards addressing fundamental questions about the self-organization and dynamics of living cellular materials, this researcher involves developing and combining several of the following tools:

• Theoretical modelling of mechano-chemical problems out-of-equilibrium to describe active matter

• Advanced finite element discretization methods and high-performance computing

• Quantitative analysis of experiments on cell and tissue dynamics (image analysis, force-inference inverse problems)

The successful candidate will hold a PhD in biophysics, biomechanics, soft matter physics, or mechanics, with a track record of significant contributions in his/her field. Previous exposure to mechanobiology, computational mechanics or programming is desirable but not required. However, willingness and motivation to expand your expertise by reaching out to other disciplines is required. You are expected to be proficient in English.

Besides Skype interviews, it is possible to arrange on-site visits to the lab and the campus in Barcelona. The starting date is flexible during the fall of 2019. We offer initially a one-year contract, renewable to a second year.

Interested applicants are encouraged to send as soon as possible a CV with a list of at up to 3 references and a very concise statement describing your past research experience and your interests. This and specific inquiries should be addressed to Prof. Marino Arroyo (marino.arroyo@upc.edu) with “Postdoc applicant-2019” in the subject line.

Regional, state and European opportunities

There is a number of regional, state and European opportunities that opens regularly once per year. We encourage motivated student and researcher to contact us if you are interested in joining the LaCàN with these grants.

Grants for the recruitment of early-stage research staff (FI):

This call for grants is co-financed with the European Social Fund. To award  grants to universities, research centres and/or hospital foundations to recruit early-stage research staff and promote research quality by means of the the incorporation of this staff in research groups that develop a current and funded R&D project.


Call for the incorporation of research personnel in training (FPI-UPC) for the completion of the doctoral thesis at the UPC. Opens once per year during summer.

Postdoctoral grant Beatriu de Pinós (BP):

The purpose of the Beatriu de Pinós programme is to award 60 individual grants for the employment and incorporation of postdoctoral research staff into the Catalan science and technology system.

Postdoctoral grant Juan de la Cierva:

The goal of this call is to encourage the recruitment of young doctors for a period of two years so that they complete their postdoctoral research training in Spanish R & D centers other than those in which they carried out their predoctoral training.

Predoctoral contracts for the training of PhD students (FPI):

The aids aim to train doctors through the financing of labor contracts, under the predoctoral contract modality, so that researchers in training carry out a doctoral thesis associated with a research project funded by the aid for R&D projects from  the “Ministerio Economia, Industria y Competitividad (Agencia Estatal de Investigación)”.

PhD Training Grants for University Teaching Staff (FPU):

Destined to the research training in doctoral programs for the achievement of the Doctoral Degree and the acquisition of university teaching competencies, in any area of scientific knowledge, that facilitate the future incorporation of these people into the Spanish system of higher education.

INPhINIT fellowship program by “La Caixa Foundation”

INPhINIT is a new doctoral fellowship programme devoted to attracting international Early-Stage Researchers to the top Spanish research centres in the areas of Bio and Health Sciences, Physics, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

PhD grants by the  “la Caixa” Foundation:

“La Caixa” Foundation: offers 20 fellowships to carry out a doctorate at Spanish universities and research centres

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) PhD Funding:

MSCA funding for PhD students is offered within university partnerships called Innovative Training Networks (ITN). The purpose of the scheme is to bring together organisations such as Universities, SMEs (small/medium enterprises), public and private (non-commercial) research centres, non-profit organisations etc. in order to train early-stage researchers in professional environments. In doing so, researchers gain the opportunity to develop themselves through a series of individual projects as set out by the partnership (ITN) the student applies to.

General open positions

We encourage motivated candidates with excellent academic credentials to send inquiries about possible open calls. We will provide information on the different possibilities and we will assist selected candidates in the application process for grants suited for their needs.

In case you are interested in those positions, please send us your application to contact.lacan@upc.edu with the keyword “Postdoc application”  or “PhD application” in the subject following the instructions here below.