Two Stress Update Algorithms for Large Strains: Accuracy Analysis and Numerical Implementation

Author (s): Rodríguez-Ferran, A., Pegon, P. and Huerta, A.
Journal: International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering

Volume: 40, Issue 23
Pages: 4363 – 4404
Date: 1997

Two algorithms for the stress update (i.e., time-integration of the constitutive equation) in large strain solid mechanics are compared from an analytical point of view. The order of the truncation error associated to the numerical integration is deduced for each algorithm a priori, using standard numerical analysis. This accuracy analysis has been performed by means of a convected frame formalism, which also allows a unified derivation of both algorithms in spite of their inherent differences. After that, the two algorithms are adapted from convected frames to a fixed Cartesian frame and implemented in a small-strain finite element code.
The implementation is validated by means of a set of simple deformation paths (simple shear, extension, extension and compression, extension and rotation) and two benchmark tests in nonlinear mechanics (the necking of a circular bar and a shell under ring loads). In these numerical tests, the observed order of convergence is in very good agreement with the theoretical order of convergence, thus corroborating the accuracy analysis.



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