Meshfree Methods

Author (s): Huerta, A., Belytschko, T. Fernández-Méndez, S. and Rabczuk, T.
Journal: Encyclopedia of Computational Mechanics

Volume: 1, Chapter 10
Pages: 279 – 309
Date: 2004

The aim of this chapter is to provide an in-depth presentation and survey of meshfree
particle methods. Several particle approximations are reviewed; the SPH method,
corrected gradient methods and the moving least squares (MLS) approximation. The
discrete equations are derived from a collocation scheme or a Galerkin method.
Special attention is paid to the treatment of essential boundary conditions. A
brief review of radial basis functions is given because they play a significant
role in meshfree methods. Finally, different approaches for modelling discontinuities
in meshfree methods are described.



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