Mesh projection between parametric surfaces

Author (s): X. Roca, J. Sarrate and A. Huerta
Journal: Communications in Numerical Methods in Engineering

Volume: 22, Issue 6
Pages: 591 – 603
Date: 2006

This paper presents a new algorithm to map a given mesh over a source surface onto a target surface.
This projection is determined by means of a least-squares approximation of a transformation defined
between the loops of boundary nodes of the cap surfaces in the parametric spaces. Once the new mesh
is obtained on the parametric space of the target surface, it is mapped to the target surface according
its parameterization. Therefore, in contrast with the usual techniques, the developed algorithm does
not require solving any root finding problem to ensure that the projected nodes are on the target
surface. Finally, this projection algorithm is extended to three dimensional cases and included in a
sweep meshing tool in order to generate the inner layers of elements in the physical space.



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