Introducing development education in technical universities: successful experiences in Spain

Author (s): Boni, A. and Pérez-Foguet, A.
Journal: European Journal of Engineering Education

Volume: 33, Issue 3
Pages: 343 – 354
Date: 2008

This paper presents and analyzes main characteristics of successful experiences of Development Education (DE) introduced in two major Spanish Technical Universities (Technical University of Catalonia, TUC, and Technical University of Valencia, TUV) during nineties and beginning of twenty-one century.
In this paper, after a brief presentation of DE concept evolution and its links with sustainable development and education for sustainability, a classification of different instruments that the University owes to push DE activities is presented. This Proposal is based on the conclusion of the Spanish Committee of University Co-operation for Development (CEURI), re-elaborated by the authors of this paper.
After the overview of instruments, main characteristics of four strategies developed in the two Universities referred above are presented and discussed. These initiatives illustrate the feasibility and great potential of DE activities for introducing non-technical issues in engineering education. The initiatives highlighted are the following ones:

* Ethical codes such the Ethical Code of the School of Industrial Engineers of the Technical University of Valencia.
* Training of faculty/lectures and teaching innovation groups such the GREVOL group of Technical University of Valencia and the Interest Group of Collaborative Learning of the Technical University of Catalonia.
* Free elective courses in bachelor/master studies dedicated to international development aid and technology for human development as well as promotion of end of grade works and projects in both universities.
* Student mobility programs in coordination with technological-focused Non-Governmental Development Organizations, as Engineering without Borders Spanish groups, which are present in the two universities.


Development education, technical universities, ethical codes, teacher training, development lectures, student mobility.



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