A flux-free a posteriori error estimator for the incompressible Stokes problem using a mixed FE formulation

Author (s): Larsson, F; Díez, P and Huerta, A.
Journal: Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering

Volume: 199
Pages: 2383 – 2402
Date: 2010

In this contribution, we present an a posteriori error estimator for the incom- pressible Stokes problem valid for a conventional mixed FE formulation. Due to the saddle-point property of the problem, conventional error estimators de- veloped for pure minimization problems cannot be utilized straight-forwardly. The new estimator is built up by two key ingredients. At first, a computed error approximation, exactly fulfilling the continuity equation for the error, is obtained via local Dirichlet problems. Secondly, we adopt the approach of solving local equilibrated flux-free problems in order to bound the remaining, incompressible, error. In this manner, guaranteed upper and lower bounds, of the velocity ”energy norm” of the error as well as goal-oriented (linear) output functionals, with respect to a reference (overkill) mesh are obtained. In particular, it should be noted that this approach requires no computa- tion of hybrid fluxes. Furthermore, the estimator is applicable to mixed FE formulations using continuous pressure approximations, such as the Mini and Taylor-Hood class of elements. In conclusion, a few simple numerical examples are presented, illustrating the accuracy of the error bounds.



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