Finite Element simulation of a local scale Air Quality Model over complex terrain

Author (s): Oliver, A.; Montero, G.; Montenegro, R.; Rodríguez, E.; Escobar, J.M. and Pérez-Foguet, A.
Journal: Advances in Science and Research

Volume: 8
Pages: 105 – 113
Date: 2012

In this paper we propose a finite element method approach for modelling the air quality in a local scale over complex terrain. The area of interest is up to tens of kilometres and it includes pollutant sources. The proposed methodology involves the generation of an adaptive tetrahedral mesh, the computation of an ambient wind field, the inclusion of the plume rise effect in the wind field, and the simulation of transport and reaction of pollutants. We apply our methodology to simulate a fictitious pollution episode in La Palma island (Canary Island, Spain).



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