A New Numerical Method for Solving the Acoustic Radiation Problem

Author (s): Poblet-Puig,J. and Shanin,A.V.
Journal: Acoustical physics

Volume: 64, Issue 2
Pages: 252 – 259
Date: 2018

A numerical method of solving the problem of acoustic wave radiation in the presence of a rigid scatterer is described. It combines the finite element method and the boundary algebraic equation one. In the proposed method, the exterior domain around the scatterer is discretized, so that there appear an infinite domain with regular discretization and a relatively small layer with irregular mesh. For the infinite regular mesh, the boundary algebraic equation method is used with spurious resonance suppression according to Burton and Miller. In the thin layer with irregular mesh, the finite element method is used. The proposed method is characterized by simple implementation, fair accuracy, and absence of spurious resonances.



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