Estimation of the coupling loss factors of structural junctions with in-plane waves by means of the inverse statistical energy analysis problem

Author (s): Poblet-Puig, J.
Journal: Journal of Sound and Vibration

Volume: 493
Date: 2021

The Coupling Loss Factors (CLF) to describe the vibration transmission at junctions in the context of Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) are determined. Out-of-plane energy (bending waves) and in-plane energy (treating transverse shear waves and quasi longitudinal waves as a single subsystem) as well as their interactions are considered. The CLF values are obtained from the inverse SEA problem where the energies and input powers are computed numerically by means of a Spectral Finite Element model. A set of L, T and X-junctions with variable dimensions and material properties typical from heavy building structures is considered. The Transmission Loss (TL) of the junctions is computed from the CLF values. Afterwards the TL results are approximated by means least squares leading to simplified expressions for each transmission path. The TL SEA results are compared with the TL predicted by means of a semi-infinite wave-based model.