Numerical modelling of the radiation efficiency of asymmetrical structures

Author (s): Poblet-Puig, J., Rodríguez-Ferran, A., Guigou-Carter, C. and Villot, M.
Journal: Applied Acoustics

Volume: 70, Issue 5
Pages: 777 – 780
Date: 2009

The radiation efficiency of a structural element is required by some models in order to predict its sound insulation. A common assumption is that the radiation on both sides of the element is the same. This is not true for asymmetrical structural elements like lightweight floors consisting of a beam-supported flat board. The radiation efficiency is larger on the beam side, because the beams act as exciters and increase the pressure level in the room. These different radiation efficiencies are calculated here for a two-dimensional cross-section by using finite elements and boundary elements. The obtained preliminary results illustrate that considering a single radiation efficiency can be a source of errors and that further investigation is required in order to improve predictions.



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