Second order convex maximum entropy approximants with applications to high order PDE

Author (s): Rosolen, A.; Millan, D. and Arroyo, M.
Journal: International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering

Volume: 94, Issue 2
Pages: 150 – 182
Date: 2013

We present a new approach for second order maximum entropy (max-ent) meshfree approximants that produces positive and smooth basis functions of uniform aspect ratio even for non-uniform node sets, and prescribes robustly feasible constraints for the entropy maximization program defining the approximants. We examine the performance of the proposed approximation scheme in the numerical solution by a direct Galerkin method of a number of partial differential equations (PDEs), including structural vibrations, elliptic second order PDEs, and fourth order PDEs for Kirchhoff-Love thin shells and for a phase field model describing the mechanics of biomembranes. The examples highlight the ability of the method to deal with non-uniform node distributions, and the high accuracy of the solutions. Surprisingly, the first order meshfree max-ent approximants with large supports are competitive when compared to the proposed second order approach in all the tested examples, even in the higher order PDEs.



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