Nonintrusive Stochastic Finite Elements for Crashworthiness with VPS/Pamcrash

Author (s): Rocas, M.; García-González, A.; Larráyoz, X.; Díez, P.
Journal: Archives of Computational Methods in Engineering

Date: 2020

Crashworthiness analysis remains an important concern for the design of safety structures. In this context, uncertainties play an essential role in the response of a crash problem with non linear behavior. With this statement at hand, in this work it is presented a review of uncertainty quantification (UQ) techniques, with intrusive and non-intrusive approaches in stochastic finite element methods for crashworthiness. The well-known deterministic finite element solver VPS/Pamcrash is used to illustrate the currently available methods, developing a comparative analysis of these techniques in crashworthiness UQ. Finally, relevant non-intrusive methods are applied to analyze the behavior of a specific quantity of interest in a dynamic crash model.



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