Development of a new 3D hybrid model for epithelia morphogenesis

Author (s): Ioannou, F., Dawi, M.A., Tetley, R.J., Mao, Y., Munoz, J.J.
Journal: Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology

Volume: 8
Pages: 1 – 11
Date: 2020

Many epithelial developmental processes like cell migration and spreading, cell sorting or T1 transitions can be described as planar deformations. As such, they can be studied using two-dimensional tools and vertex models that can properly predict collective dynamics. However, many other epithelial shape changes are characterised by out-of-plane mechanics and three-dimensional effects, such as bending, cell extrusion, delamination, or invagination. Furthermore, during planar cell dynamics or tissue repair in monolayers, spatial intercalation between the apical and basal sides has even been detected. Motivated by this lack of symmetry with respect to the midsurface, we here present a 3D hybrid model that allows us to model differential contractility at the apical, basal or lateral sides. We use the model to study the effects on wound closure of solely apical or lateral contractile contributions and show that an apical purse-string can be sufficient for full closure when it is accompanied by volume preservation.



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