A C0 interior penalty finite element method for flexoelectricity

Author (s): Ventura, J.; Codony, D.; Fernández-Méndez, S.
Journal: Journal of Scientific Computing

Volume: 88
Date: 2021

We propose a C0 Interior Penalty Method (C0-IPM) for the computational modelling of flexoelectricity, with application also to strain gradient elasticity, as a simplified case. Standard high-order C0 finite element approximations, with nodal basis, are considered. The proposed C0-IPM formulation involves second derivatives in the interior of the elements, plus integrals on the mesh faces (sides in 2D), that impose C1 continuity of the displacement in weak form. The formulation is stable for large enough interior penalty parameter, which can be estimated solving an eigenvalue problem. The applicability and convergence of the method is demonstrated with 2D and 3D numerical examples.



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