Numerical Analysis of Nonlinear Large-Strain Consolidation and Filling

Author (s): Huerta, A. and Rodríguez-Ferran, A.
Journal: Computers and Structures

Volume: 44, Issue 1-2
Pages: 357 – 365
Date: 1992

Finite strain consolidation and filling of soft sediments at high water level is a challenging problem because of its highly non-linear physical and mathematical aspects. Several numerical schemes designed for this problem are presented as well as simple numerical improvements for a better handling of the extremely high variations of the material properties with depth. The numerical algorithms developed are robust and verify convergence of the iterative schemes instead of the more classical approaches based on choosing time increments ‘sufficiently’ small and assuming convergence at every step.

A set of computer programs has been developed to predict magnitude and rate of large-strain self-weight one-dimensional and pseudo bi-dimensional (i.e. one-dimensional deformation, bi-dimensional flux) consolidation during and after deposition, that is, coupling filling and consolidation phenomena. The actual life of the deposit can be numerically simulated combining filling periods and quiescent periods where surcharges (or capping) can exist. Consequently, they are a basic technique for the design of disposal ponds.



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