Particle injection in LSI+61º303 radio outburst

Author (s): Paredes, J.M., Martí,J., Estalella, R and Sarrate, J.
Journal: Astronomy and Astrophisics

Volume: 248, Issue 1
Pages: 124 – 128
Date: 1991

The binary radio, X-ray and gamma-ray star LSI + 61 deg 303 presents periodic radio outbursts, of variable amplitude, with a period of 26.5 d. A description of the radio outbursts using the adiabatic expansion model of a synchrotron emitting source, modified to incorporate a prolonged injection of energetic particles is proposed, and the synchrotron and inverse Compton losses in the energy loss equation are included. The two-frequency simultaneous radio observations of the 1981 August-September radio outburst are examined. The agreement obtained between the observed and the calculated radio outburst is satisfactory and seems to indicate the important role played by particle injection in the LSI + 61 deg 303 radio outbursts.



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