Viscous Flow Structure Interaction

Author (s): Huerta, A. and Liu, W.K.
Journal: Journal Pressure Vessel Technology

Volume: 110, Issue 1
Pages: 15 – 21
Date: 1988

Considerable research activities in vibration and seismic analysis for various fluid-structure systems have been carried out in the past two decades. Most of the approaches are formulated within the framework of finite elements, and the majority of work deals with inviscid fluids. However, there has been little work done in the area of fluid-structure interaction problems accounting for flow separation and nonlinear phenomenon of steady streaming. In this paper, the Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian (ALE) finite element method is extended to address the flow separation and nonlinear phenomenon of steady streaming for arbitrarily shaped bodies undergoing large periodic motion in a viscous fluid. The results are designed to evaluate the fluid force acting on the body; thus, the coupled rigid body-viscous flow problem can be simplified to a standard structural problem using the concept of added mass and added damping. Formulas for these two constants are given for the particular case of a cylinder immersed in an infinite viscous fluid. The finite element modeling is based on a pressure-velocity mixed formulation and a streamline upwind PetrovlGalerkin technique. All computations are performed using a personal computer.



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