Comparing Two Algorithms to Add Large Strains to Small Strain Finite Element Code

Author (s): Rodríguez-Ferran, A. and Huerta, A.
Journal: Journal of Engineering Mechanics (ASCE)

Volume: 124, Issue 9
Pages: 939 – 948
Date: 1998


Two algorithms for the stress update (i.e., time-integration of the constitutive
equation) in large strain solid mechanics are discussed, with particular emphasis
on two issues: the incremental objectivity and the implementation aspects. It
is shown that both algorithms are incrementally objective (i.e., they treat rigid
rotations properly) and that they can be employed to add large strain capabilities
to a small strain finite element code in a simple way. A set of benchmark tests,
consisting of simple large deformation paths, have been used to test and compare
the two algorithms, both for elastic and plastic analysis. These tests evidence
different time-integration accuracy for each algorithm. However, it is also shown
that the algorithm which is less accurate in general gives exact results for shear-free
deformation paths.



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