Benchmarks for the validation of a non local damage model

Author (s): Ludovic Jason, Shahrokh Ghavamian, Gilles Pijaudier-Cabot, Antonio Huerta
Journal: Revue française de Génie civil

Volume: 8, Issue 2 -3
Pages: 303 – 328
Date: 2004

The aim of this contribution is to present a series of organized benchmarks that helps at validating the robustness of the FE implementation of a constitutive relation, its pertinence with respect to experiments, and quantitative and qualitative comparisons of structural elements. It is applied to an isotropic damage model used for concrete, coupled with a non local gradient formulation to avoid a spurious description of strain localization. After the elementary (uniaxial monotonic, cyclic or triaxial loading) and structural (three point bending tests) simulations, an industrial application is presented in the form of a representative structural volume of a containment building for French nuclear power plants.



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