Elastic bending modulus of monolayer graphene

Author (s): Lu, Q; Arroyo, M and Huang, R
Journal: Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics

Volume: 42, Issue10
Pages: 102002 – 102009
Date: 2009



An analytic formula is derived for the elastic bending
modulus of monolayer graphene based on an empirical
potential for solid-state carbon atoms. Two physical origins are identified for
the non-vanishing bending stiffness of the atomically thin graphene
sheet, one due to the bond-angle effect and the other resulting from the
bond-order term associated with the dihedral angles. The analytical prediction
compares closely with ab initio energy
calculations. Pure bending of graphene monolayers into cylindrical tubes is simulated by a
molecular mechanics approach, showing slight nonlinearity and anisotropy in the
tangent bending modulus as the bending curvature increases. An intrinsic
coupling between bending and in-plane strain is noted for graphene
monolayers rolled into carbon nanotubes.



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