Three-dimensional simulation of crack propagation in ferroelectric polycrystals: effect of combined toughening mechanisms

Author (s): Abdollahi, A. and Arias, I.
Journal: Acta Materiala

Volume: 65
Pages: 106 – 117
Date: 2014

Ferroelectric ceramics are susceptible to fracture under high electric fi elds, which are commonly generated in the vicinity of electrodes or conducting layers. In the present work, we extend a phase- field model of fracture in ferroelectric single crystals for the simulation of the propagation of conducting cracks under purely electrical loading. This is done by introducing the electrical enthalpy of a di ffuse conducting layer into the phase- field formulation. Simulation results show an oblique crack propagation and crack branching from a conducting notch, forming a tree-like crack pattern in a ferroelectric sample under positive and negative electric elds. Microstructure evolution indicates the formation of tail-to-tail and head-to-head 90o domains, which results in charge accumulation around the crack. The charge accumulation, in turn, induces a high electric eld and hence a high electrostatic energy further driving the conducting crack. Salient features of the results are compared with experiment



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