Real-time simulation techniques for augmented learning in science and engineering

Author (s): Quesada, C.; González, D.; Alfaro, I.; Cueto, E.; Huerta, A.; and Chinesta, F.
Journal: The Visual Computer

Volume: 32, Issue 11
Pages: 1465 – 1479
Date: 2016

In this paper we present the basics of a novel methodology for the development of simulation-based and augmented learning tools in the context of applied science and engineering. It is based on the extensive use of model order reduction, and particularly, of the so-called Proper Generalized Decomposition (PGD) method. This method provides a sort of meta-modeling tool without the need for prior computer experiments that allows the user to obtain real-time response in the solution of complex engineering or physical problems. This real-time capability also allows for its implementation in deployed, touch-screen, handheld devices or even to be immersed into electronic textbooks. We explore here the basics of the proposed methodology and give examples on a few challenging applications never until now explored, up to our knowledge.



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