Spectral analysis of the Beznar dam accelerogram. Comparison with results in the northeastern of Spain

Author (s): Canas, J.A., Barbat, H.A., Pujades, L., Egozcue, J.J., Sarrate, J.,
Journal: Monografías – Instituto Geográfico Nacional

Volume: 8
Pages: 363 – 376
Date: 1991

Numerical analysis applied to the Beznar dam accelerograms (longitudinal and transversal components) shows that the Fourier amplitude spectrum is a good approximation to the pseudo-velocity spectra. This fact makes possible to use displacement or velocity seismograms to generate acceleration of the ground in places where acceleration data are not available.
Maximae accelerations determined near and at the Beznar dam are compared with the predicted acceleration values for the region compressed by the Pyrenees Mountains, the lberic System and the Catalonia Coastal Mountains using a established theoretical formula for this region. Theoretical and observed values are consistent among them.



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