Generation of curved high-order meshes with optimal quality and geometric accuracy

Author (s): Ruiz-Gironés, E.; Sarrate, J. and Roca X.
Journal: Procedia Engineering

Volume: 163
Pages: 315 – 327
Date: 2016

We present a novel methodology to generate curved high-order meshes featuring optimal mesh quality and geometric accuracy. The proposed technique combines a distortion measure and a geometric L2-disparity measure into a single objective function.
While the element distortion term takes into account the mesh quality, the L2-disparity term takes into account the geometric error introduced by the mesh approximation to the target geometry. The proposed technique has several advantages. First, we are not restricted to interpolative meshes and therefore, the resulting mesh approximates the target domain in a non-interpolative way, further increasing the geometric accuracy. Second, we are able to generate a series of meshes that converge to the actual geometry with expected rate while obtaining high-quality elements. Third, we show that the proposed technique is robust enough to handle real-case geometries that contain gaps between adjacent entities.



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