Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of a bioreactor landfill using Feel++

Author (s): Dollé, G.; Duran, O.; Feyeux, N.; Frénod, E.; Giacomini, M.; Prud’homme, C.
Journal: ESAIM: Proceedings and Surveys

Volume: 55
Pages: 83 – 110
Date: 2016

In this paper, we propose a mathematical model to describe the functioning of a bioreactor landfill, that is a waste management facility in which biodegradable waste is used to generate methane. The simulation of a bioreactor landfill is a very complex multiphysics problem in which bacteria catalyze a chemical reaction that starting from organic carbon leads to the production of methane, carbon dioxide and water. The resulting model features a heat equation coupled with a non-linear reaction equation describing the chemical phenomena under analysis and several advection and advection-diffusion equations modeling multiphase flows inside a porous environment representing the biodegradable waste. A framework for the approximation of the model is implemented using Feel++, a C++ open-source library to solve Partial Differential Equations. Some heuristic considerations on the quantitative values of the parameters in the model are discussed and preliminary numerical simulations are presented.



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