A new column collapse apparatus for the characterisation of the flowability of granular materials

Author (s): Torres-Serra, J.; Romero, E. and Rodríguez-Ferran, A.
Journal: Powder Technology

Volume: 362
Pages: 559 – 577
Date: 2020

The packaging industry is lacking a standard methodology to characterise the granular flow of a wide range of powders and grains in actual handling conditions. We present a new fully-instrumented granular column collapse apparatus for the experimental investigation of granular flow phenomena, by a quasi-two-dimensional set-up with novel features including: a lifting gate activated by a parallelogram mechanism for material release; a reversible pneumatic circuit to impose fluidised and vacuum conditions to the initial granular column; a set of load cells to monitor the basal load distribution during flow propagation; a 3D laser line profile sensor to scan the free surface morphology of the samples at rest; and a high-speed video recording set to capture near-wall flow visualisations and relevant kinematic measures by particle image velocimetry. The selected results on dry flows of oat flakes, copper sulphate fertiliser, and talc powder samples show their distinctive flow dynamics, indicating the good flowability of fertiliser compared to the poor flowability of talc. This research has implications for the selection and design of bulk solids handling equipment, and the calibration and validation of mechanical and numerical models.



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