Statistical energy analysis model for sound pressure level prediction on refrigerators

Author (s): Zárate, R.; Poblet-Puig, J.; Ortega, M.; López-Parra, M.
Journal: Acoustics Australia

Volume: 48
Pages: 233 – 250
Date: 2020

A Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) model of a 510 liter capacity refrigerator is used to calculate the Sound Pressure Level (SPL) generated in a reverberation room. This is a reliable indicator of the vibroacoustic performance of the refrigerator and it is in some countries as a pre-commercialization test. The main contributions of the SEA model are, the characterization of the refrigerator structure (three-layer: HIPS, polyurethane foam and steel), and the modeling of important components such as internal chambers or ventilation gratings. The simulation results are successfully compared with laboratory measurements. The SEA model is then used to understand the vibroacoustic behavior of the refrigerator and to establish the most critical transmission paths and radiation mechanisms.