Nonintrusive reduced order model for parametric solutions of inertia relief problems

Author (s): Cavaliere, F.; Zlotnik, S.; Sevilla, R.; Larrayoz, X. and Díez, P.
Journal: International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering

Volume: 122 (16)
Pages: 4270 – 4291
Date: 2021

The Inertia Relief (IR) technique is widely used by industry and produces equi-
librated loads allowing to analyze unconstrained systems without resorting to the
more expensive full dynamic analysis. The main goal of this work is to develop
a computational framework for the solution of unconstrained parametric structural
problems with IR and the Proper Generalized Decomposition (PGD) method. First,
the IR method is formulated in a parametric setting for both material and geomet-
ric parameters. A reduced order model using the encapsulated PGD suite is then
developed to solve the parametric IR problem, circumventing the so-called curse of
dimensionality. With just one oine computation, the proposed PGD-IR scheme
provides a computational vademecum that contains all the possible solutions for a
pre-de ned range of the parameters. The proposed approach is nonintrusive and it is
therefore possible to be integrated with commercial FE packages. The applicability
and potential of the developed technique is shown using a three dimensional test
case and a more complex industrial test case. The rst example is used to highlight
the numerical properties of the scheme, whereas the second example demonstrates
the potential in a more complex setting and it shows the possibility to integrate the
proposed framework within a commercial FE package. In addition, the last example
shows the possibility to use the generalized solution in a multi-objective optimization