The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) is a public institution dedicated to higher education and research that specializes in engineering, architecture and science. Its schools and research centers are known, nationally and internationally, for education and training as well as for research in these areas. UPC teaches high-quality courses that are responsive to the training needs and requirements of traditional, evolving and newly-developing production sectors.

LaCàN with 14-research faculty is a well-balanced active and young group in Computational Mechanics with strong commitment to both high-educational training (15 PhD theses supervised in the past 5 years) and research (130 indexed papers in the last 5 years, among those 52% with international coauthors).

LaCàN focuses on both mathematical modeling and computational methods, and their applications to applied sciences and engineering. This includes fields extending across engineering and mathematics. This is reflected in the composition of the group, the nature of the research projects and pattern of publications. Consequently, there are contributions in a wide number of applied areas (viz. acoustics, mechanics of solids and fluids, geophysical and biomechanics) and applications of these techniques include mechanical, aerospace, automotive, civil or energy engineering.

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Supervisors @ UPC

Prof. Antonio Huerta

Prof. Pedro Díez

Dr. Sergio Zlotnik

Dr. Alberto García-González

Dr. Matteo Giacomini


Vasileios Tsiolakis
Luca Borchini
Simona Vermiglio
Rubén Ibañez
Ramiro Mena
Guillem Barroso
Marcos Seoane
Giacomo Quaranta