All ESRs in AdMoRe are enrolled in PhD programs associated with, at least one, academic beneficiary.

Research supervisors in institutions hosting secondments are also deeply involved in the PhD theses and act as co-supervisors.

Besides, direct supervision and interaction of the ESRs with the corresponding Supervising Teams, AdMoRe training involves:

  • technical research training on cutting-edge computational mechanics tools via AdMoRe schools;
  • training on communication skills through the participation to AdMoRe in congresses events;
  • training on dissemination and outreach (local University Open Days, Ambassador Day, Brussels Day);
  • transversal trainings involving soft skills (bibliography search, funding opportunities, transferrable skills, writing of successful proposals, …);
  • transversal trainings involving entrepreneurship development (industrial property, tech transfer, tech push, commercialization strategy, …);