Model order reduction for multi-parametric models has proven to be very effective; in particular, by considering those parameters as model extra-coordinates in the Proper Generalized Decomposition. Then, the parametric solution can be post-processed online in real time and in deployed computing platforms (tablets and smartphones). Two major challenges persist: (i) the solution of non-linear parametric models within the PGD framework and (ii) the consideration of online simulation involving too large trajectories. The aim of this project is, precisely, to study these challenges and to discern the viability to applied novel approaches in industry, in particular for simulating the thermo-mechanical models involved in online simulation of welding.

PhD candidate: Rubén Ibáñez (École Centrale de Nantes, ESI, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)

Academic supervisors: Prof. F. Chinesta, Dr. E. Abisset-Chavanne (ECN), Prof. A. Huerta (UPC)

Industrial supervisor: Dr. J.-L. Duval, Dr. J.-C. Kedzia (ESI)