Production of large complex parts is a challenging issue for today’s industry. Additive manufacturing (3D printing) appears to be an appealing process where material is placed and progressively added on the substrate already formed. The desired properties and geometry are produced laying additional layers in a predefined trajectory. The thermal process is significantly affected by many material and process parameters (thermal power, velocity…). Moreover, heat conduction inside the part depends on contact resistances and change of phases, and induces residual stresses. Real-time monitoring techniques for such process are extremely valuable in industrial practice. An offline/online approach is considered. In the offline stage the thermal parametric model is solved, and it dialogs, in the online stage, from a smart enrichment within a generalized formulation of finite elements looking for a non-intrusive implementation.

PhD candidate: Giacomo Quaranta (ESI, École Centrale de Nantes, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)

Academic supervisors: Prof. F. Chinesta, Dr. E. Abisset-Chavanne (ECN), Prof. A. Huerta (UPC)

Industrial supervisor: Dr. J.-L. Duval (ESI)