AdMoRe annual research meeting + NMASE workshop 2018

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After the successful editions from 2002 to 2012, the workshop on Numerical Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering (NMASE) is coming back for its 13th time in concomitance with the annual research meeting of the AdMoRe ITN.

The two events will be held next week (January 22-25, 2018) in Castelldefels (Spain).



In the first part of the week, the AdMoRe annual research meeting will gather the supervisors and the ESRs involved in the consortium to discuss recent advances of reduced order models (ROM). The event will be organized in four thematic sessions, each one addressing a different application of ROM:

  • ROM for flow problems (Coordinators: Volkswagen + UPC)
    Aerodynamics and automotive applications
  • ROM for electromagnetic problems (Coordinators: Siemens + Swansea University)
    Inverse problems and identification with application to MRI
  • ROM for data-driven engineering problems (Coordinators: ESI + École Centrale de Nantes)
    Data-based engineering and applications
  • ROM for mechanical problems (Coordinators: Airbus + École Centrale de Nantes)
    Structural monitoring and aeronautical applications


During the second part of the week, the 8 ESRs will attend the 13th NMASE workshop. This event aims to promote exchanges and collaborations among different research groups active on interdisciplinary subjects in the field of computational mechanics. It will be organized in three thematic sessions, devoted to the following topics:

  • Natural and engineered materials and structures
    Piezoelectric materials, flexoelectricity, coupled electromechanical problems, computational geoscience, fracture mechanics, vibroacoustics
  • Computational methods and tools
    High-order methods, reduced order models, uncertainty quantification, data-driven models, mesh generation, computational fluid dynamics, real-time simulations
  • Cell and tissue mechanobiology
    Epithelial mechanics, coupled chemo-elasto-hydrodynamical systems, dynamics of membranes, tissue and cell mechanics, cortex mechanics, multiscale modeling


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