COUPLED 2019 and goodbye

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From 3rd to 5th of June, the VIII International Conference on Coupled Problems in Science and Engineering – COUPLED 2019 took place in Sitges (Barcelona), Spain. Two AdMoRe Early Stage Researchers (ESR) (Rubén and I) attended this event which covered many topics: coupled solution strategies, loose and strong coupling schemes, mathematical formulation of multidisciplinary problems, numerical methods for coupled problems (finite difference, finite elements, finite volume, meshless methods, particle methods, etc.), optimum design in multi-disciplinary problems, parallel and real time computational techniques among the others. We presented in the session called “Data-Driven Coupled Computational Mechanics”, whose main goal was presenting the power of data-driven models to perform efficient and more precise simulations in different engineering fields. During the session was shown how Model Order Reduction techniques can be used in order to build data-driven models or they can be coupled with different data-driven techniques in order to get better results. Another session which captured my attention was the one called “Credible Simulations with Accuracy Control and Uncertainty Quantification”, organized by some AdMoRe supervisors, where Model Order Reduction techniques were used in order to perform accurate geometric designs and simulations.


For both Ruben and I this conference has been the last of our PhD inside the AdMoRe project as we are going to defend our thesis soon. I still remember the first conference I attended, ECCOMAS SMART, 8th International Conference on Smart Structures and Materials. Madrid, (Spain) in June 2017 and the emotions of that day. I can say that I am satisfied with all the work done during this three years of PhD and with the knowledge I have acquired thanks to the AdMoRe project. As this is probably my last post in the blog, I would like to say thanks to all the different people involved in the project, all the supervisors, my fantastic ESR mates, but more than mates friends, Rubén, Ramiro, Luca, Vasileios, Simona, Guillem and Marcos, and the European Union which gave us the opportunity to be part of this amazing project.