ZCCE Postgraduate Workshop 2019

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Last month at Swansea University, where I’m doing the second part of my secondment, the ZCCE Postgraduate Workshop 2019 took place. All Swansea University’s PhD students were supposed to participate so I was not alone but with Guillem and Marcos.

The workshop lasted two days and was organised for sessions. The first session took place in the mornings and was dedicated to seven distinguished keynotes presentations that cover the research themes of each research group in ZCCE. The majority of these talks were given by Professors coming from all over the UK. We had very interesting talks, the ones I liked the most were”Multi-level modelling of transport processes in biological systems” given by Professor Xiao Yun Xu from University of Manchester and “Computational Neuromechanics” given by Professor Paul Steinmann from the School of Engineering of University of Glasgow.

The second part of the workshop was also dedicated to students but this time we were the main actors. A poster competition was organised for the afternoon. All students were divided into two groups: in the first group there were those ones within the first eighteen months of PhD and in the second one those students with more months of work. Guillem and Marcos and me were assigned to the second group so we presented our poster during the second afternoon while during the first one we went from poster to poster asking questions and speaking with each of the younger students.

Honestly, I think this had been an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas, to know more about the topic of the other students and to discuss about science in a very friendly way. Of course among the friendly questions of colleagues, there where also those asked by members of the jury composed by Swansea University Professors and the speakers of the morning session. Each of them, was taking to all the students exposing their work and judging the amount of work done, the beauty of the poster and the quality of the explanation in order to reward the best posters.

Unfortunately I didn’t win any prize, but thanks to Marcos who got one, AdMoRe team managed to gain an award!

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