Short bio

On 2015 I received my Diploma Degree in Mechanical Engineering (specialised in Ground and Air Transport Vehicles) in National Technical University of Athens. I was always interested in motorsports and aerodynamics, joining the Formula Student team of NTUA, starting and leading the aerodynamics department.

During my studies and participating in the Formula Student team I expanded my knowledge on aerodynamics and computational fluid dynamics. During my Diploma Thesis entitled “Contribution to the aerodynamic optimisation of an FSAE race car using OpenFOAM and continuous adjoint methods” I came much closer with OpenFOAM and the difficulties of vehicle shape optimisation.

That is when I found about the PhD position “The proper generalised decomposition for interactive aerodynamic optimisation”. A research position, aiming to tackle problems the automotive industry is facing in the aerodynamic optimisation process through novel methodologies. Naturally, I was eager to participate.


Keywords of the project

Model order reduction, PGD, CFD, interactive aerodynamic design, non-intrusive, automotive industry.



  • PGD for non-linear problems
  • Model Order Reduction workshop (Jaca 2017)
  • German language courses
  • AdMoRe Summer School 2017
  • AdMoRe Summer School 2018
  • Volkswagen Group Research Strategy Workshop 2017
  • Volkswagen Group Research Strategy Workshop 2018 (Digital Methods Development)



  • International Conference on Adaptative Modeling and Simulation (ADMOS). ECCOMAS conference (Italy, June 2017)
  • Computation and Big Data in Transport Conference (CM3-2017)
  • ECCOMAS 6th European Conference on Computation Mechanics and 7th European Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics



  • Lacan ComE seminars
  • NMASE 2018
  • AdMoRe Brussels Day



  • AdMoRe blog entries
  • FSAE Germany 2017 Engineering Design Judge
  • FSAE Germany 2018 Engineering Design Judge